Australia Inferno – by Faith Howle

   Australia is experiencing their worst wildfire season in decades. Since September, over 17.5 million acres have burned and more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed. Federal and state authorities are struggling to contain the fire, even with help from firefighters all over the world.     The hot and dry summers in Australia lead to bush-fires every year. Most of the time they are started by lightning, … Continue reading Australia Inferno – by Faith Howle

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One Puff Is Not Enough – by Reivin Ingraham

A sampling of vaping devices confiscated by Assistant principal Gina Ayers and Dean of Students Chad Angel.      Walking down the street, it is very common to see people pull out a Juul or other vaping devices and blow out clouds of smoke. In this society, vaping is becoming more and more common. Yes, it is illegal for youth, but does it stop them … Continue reading One Puff Is Not Enough – by Reivin Ingraham

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Another Fire at South Albany – by Evelyn Hersha

Albany fire department exists the smoke filled gym.    At 7:20 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 10, Jason Henkel made a call to the Albany Fire Department reporting smoke in the gymnasium. He quickly rushed his 6th grade RedHawks basketball team out of the gym as it was filled with smoke. Soon, fire trucks began to arrive on the scene along with ambulances and GAPS district officials. … Continue reading Another Fire at South Albany – by Evelyn Hersha

Tendencies to be Blacked Out – by Angela Ortiz

   After a controversial picture of Lebanon High School Future Farmers of America members surfaced on the Internet, immediate backlash came through, putting them under the spotlight on social media. This photo featured a group of seven students, some smiling, all with their faces painted black.    Most of the students were not even aware of the intent that would be later shared with the world in … Continue reading Tendencies to be Blacked Out – by Angela Ortiz

2020 Senior Bests Winners

Best person to work on a project with: Sariah Young & Tien Ngo Most athletic: Mckenna Platt & Carlos Reyes-Aviles Bachelor and Bachelorette: Cierra Bours & Zachary Cisneros True Oregonians: Kylie Ridders & Logan Bond Best personality: Alyssa Greene & Christain Caspino Biggest overachiever: Jessica Armfield & Logan Nord Most likely to become a gamer: Zurisahi Aguilar & Ian Thwing Best eyes: Mae Bass & … Continue reading 2020 Senior Bests Winners

The Impeachment Dissected

When did it start?    On Sept. 24, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi initiated the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.  Why/how did it start?    According to BBC News, Pelosi started the trial after word spread of Trump allegedly abusing his power in office by threatening to withhold military aid and refusing to allow White House meetings with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.    Questions started when … Continue reading The Impeachment Dissected

Holiday Options – by Lee Hammond

Vegan stuffing.    Vegan recipes for the holidays aren’t quite the easiest to find. Luckily for you, we found some. Vegan roast and tofurky can be bought at your local Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Fred Meyer’s, and Target. Or if you are more into homemade meals, recipes can easily be found on websites such as or    Of course, classic meal items such as … Continue reading Holiday Options – by Lee Hammond

‘All the Advice I’ve Ever Received’ – by Rose Howard

(In response to Girl by Jamaica Kincaid and Boy by Bret Anthony Johnston)   All The Advice I’ve Ever Received These are adult decisions you’re making, so act like an adult; you’re just a kid, you don’t know what you’re talking about; if your heart is telling you to do something do it, life is made of making and learning from mistakes; making mistakes will … Continue reading ‘All the Advice I’ve Ever Received’ – by Rose Howard

Behind the Scenes: ‘Shrek the Musical’ – by Faith DeVyldere

In anticipation of the SAHS winter musical, drama teacher and director Christy Anderson has answered a couple of questions about the process of putting on such a demanding show. What factors contributed to the decision of Shrek as this year’s musical?   “The message that it has about celebrating our diversity is what made me choose it. This musical also gives students who excel in … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: ‘Shrek the Musical’ – by Faith DeVyldere

Let’s Get This Thanksgiving Bread – by Angela Ortiz

Angela Ortiz   Holidays are the perfect time to be with family, but for retail workers that is sometimes not the case. Not only was this fall going to host my first Black Friday as a worker, but it was also going to be my first time missing a holiday with my family.     To be honest, when I took the job as a retail sales associate … Continue reading Let’s Get This Thanksgiving Bread – by Angela Ortiz

Follow the Slopes – by Tayten McKamey

Christian Fraser jumps in the Mt. Hood snow.     Winter sports are usually considered to be basketball, swimming and wrestling; South Albany High School host these sports during the winter So it is not surprising that skiing and snowboarding are widely forgotten by the mass of students at South Albany. However, a select few do ski, snowboard, or both.    One of the few who goes … Continue reading Follow the Slopes – by Tayten McKamey